Script Engage vs funnel Scripts


Script Engage and Funnel Scripts creates sales copy for products and services. It includes templates for all types of sales funnels, email templates, video sales letters and more.

In this article we look at both Script Engage vs Funnels Scripts. We give you our honest review to help you make your buying decision. Keep reading to find the answers you need.

Want to write a fantastic copy that could help you in generating $1000 per $100,000 from a single person?

Underlying all the marketing messages, web pages, emails and even physical brochures is an effective copywriting. It is an art of putting words together to get an effective response in the form of leads.

It encourages your audience or visitors to sign up for your offers, free trial and newsletters or to make a purchase of your product or service.

And the one who is specialized in creating effective copies is a copywriter. And a copywriter is not necessarily to be a person, there are some amazing copywriting software as well.

It needs a lot of experience and writing skills to become a professional copywriter. And this is the reason why finding the right professional is no less than a challenge for a company. This is exactly where effective copywriting software comes into play. They help you in creating amazing copies in no time and without any effort!

If you read the rest of the article you will see what we recommend out of Script Engage vs Funnel Scripts.

Here, we’ll unlock the powers of Script Engage and Funnel Scripts and will see which one wins the battle of the BEST COPYWRITING software.


Script Engage is an all-rounder Copywriting software for a variety of products across all the possible niches. It allows you to create powerful copies without having to invest your time and money in learning copywriting or hiring a professional copywriter. This is a SINGLE software you need for all your copywriting projects. All you need to do is click, copy and paste to get the most productive sales copy in a matter of minutes.


* Generate any type of powerful marketing material without making any effort in minutes.

* Maximize your profits, leads and sales from any promotional event or campaign.

* Generate a winning copy that is responsible for driving millions of audiences and converting them into customers by encouraging them to make a purchase of your products and/or services.


Script Engage is created by Jay Boyer, a known software creator. He made millions by selling digital products and software online, but he had no clue about all of this at the time he started.

The first ever product he launched was :

* First, he invested more than 20k dollars for developing new software.

* He had everything well designed and his digital product was also approved by the testers… But he started writing the copy on the same day of launch, having no idea about how important the sales copy was, the result?

* Even after having more than five thousand visitors in the first 3 hours, he made below 1k.

* Some marketers asked him if they have an idea about what he’s doing, while others disagreed to promote.

The next step of Boyer was to fix the mistake he made, so he heavily invested into copywriting. Fast forward after a few years, more than 50K were invested in copywriting and training and now they are at the top level :

Jay now believes that Copywriting is one of the most important components of customer acquisitions. Below are the areas where copywriting is most important :

* Upsell pages

* Lead Generation

* Product sales page

* Advertising template

* Email Marketing campaigns

* Order forms

* Thank you pages

* Download pages

* Video sales letter script

Always keep in mind, one word in the wrong place can stop you from making thousands of dollars and one word in the perfect place can make you rich in no time!


Below are the 3 common mistakes you should avoid if you want to make powerful copies :


This is a common mistake made by some marketers that prevents them from getting good results. Generally, this DIY approach has a lot of drawbacks, especially if you have no copywriting skills and experience :

* You have to spend several hours learning copywriting and then writing boring sales copies.

* You’ve to spend a lot of money on training even to understand the basics.

* It takes months to learn and develop skills to write your own quality copy.

* Majority of “DIY Copy” results in poor conversions because they are mostly objective.


A majority of business owners hire professionals for their copywriting purpose. But the deal is, high-performing professionals are booked several months in advance, so finding the right one is going to be very challenging. It will take a lot of effort and energy and not to mention, the hefty cost :

* A professional copywriter will charge around 1K to 5K or more per single copy.

* Email writers charge somewhere around $40 to $100 per email.

* Ad creation is the most expensive of all and can burn huge holes in your pocket.


While there are plenty of automated copywriting tools and software in the market, not each one of them is worth considering. Here’s why :

* There are different software for different tasks. Some will only create sales pages, some will allow you to generate video letters and some other for creating ads. No software is an all-rounder.

* Some of these software are overly expensive and others come with limited options.

* You have to purchase multiple software for a variety of copy tasks like email marketing, video sales copy, ad creation etc. This can cost you more than you can imagine.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with all this with Script Engage. It is your all-in-one copy solution. It helps with your copy improve copy for your product and services and can also be used in email marketing. It will not only allow you to make exceptional sales copies but will reduce the cost altogether. You’ll be able to write a powerful copy for any type of sales letter in minutes and without any effort.

Script Engage works by three things – click, copy and paste.


Here are the powerful features and benefits you’ll get with Script Engage :

#1. Script Collaboration

With a few clicks, you can quickly export to Google Docs where you can add your team members and let them edit the copy. You can share as many scripts including lead capture scripts as you want and make huge profits by a powerful team collaboration.

#2. Video Sales Letter Scripts

Video Sales Letter scripts are usually sold as individual products but you will get these in the package of Script Engage. Using them, you can create powerful video scripts that will take your conversions to a next level.

#3. Webinar Scripts

You can hold the power of effective webinars using Script Engage. You’ll be able to sell more tickets.

#4.Phone Scripts

You’ll be able to generate winning phone scripts that will help you in landing high-end clients. This is a feature that is sold as a stand-alone product and you’ve to pay thousands of dollars to get your hands on it. But with Script Engage, you get it Inbuilt.

#5. Email Sequences

If you’re looking for the most lucrative email sequences curated by industry experts, Script Engage has everything. From welcome emails, to eCommerce sales and webinars, everything is covered by Script Engage. You’ll find some of the most amazing email templates.

#6. Ad Copy

With Script Engage, you can turn your pay per day click ads, Facebook ads and sponsored tweets into conversions using professional customized ads.


Pros :

* A complete sales copy solution for every type of business. It helps you in generating all kinds of marketing material whilst also saving a lot of your money, time and efforts.

* You don’t have to spend months learning copywriting skills.

* It allows you to create a copy on demand which means you don’t need to stress about designing sales copy all of sudden.

* Automation allows you to stay relaxed and confident instead of worrying about the potential mistakes that could be there in the prepared copy.

* Offers multiple export options, means you can export your sales copy to Google Docs, PowerPoint, PDF etc where you can give editing permission to your team, making it easy to customize.

* You can convert your scripts into a variety of other products like email letters, marketing brochures, videos, advertisements and whatnot.


* You will not get any free trial with Script Engage. Neither you’ll get any demo for testing the product.

So, this is all about Script Engage. Now let’s move on to our next contender, Funnel Scripts.


Funnel Scripts by Jim Edwards & Russell Brunson



What Is Funnel Scripts?




 Funnel Scripts is created by Clickfunneks creator RusseFunnel Scripts is not like any other copy tool we have come across. Other contenders seem to spit out garbage with no real thought about the prospects we are trying to sell too.

The variety of scripts available in Funnel Scripts almost guarantees that you will find a suitable script for your product/business. Once you find a suitable script in Funnel Scripts the questions that you answer by filling in the boxes, not only dig deep into what your prospect wants and needs, tapping into their pain points creating a great piece of sales copy aimed directly at your target market. You really can create great pieces of copy without hiring an expensive copywriter or even sitting through a copywriting course!


As mentioned before Funnel Scripts is a really great tool not only for people with no copy writing experience but it can also help seasoned copywriters who maybe would like to try different ways of writing copy. One of the most common questions about Funnel Scripts we get asked is:

What does Funnel Scripts do?

We have broken it down for you and explained some of the features available in Funnel Scripts.In a nutshell these are some of the features available once you invest in Funnel Scripts:Long Form Sales LetterShort Form Sales LetterWrite Sales Copy For Physical Products eg. Amazon & Ebay ListingsSqueeze Page ScriptsHeadline GeneratorPerfect Webinar ScriptsStar Story Solution ScriptLong Form Epiphany Bridge ScriptShort Form Epiphany Bridge ScriptMaster Class ScriptE-mail ScriptsEmail Headline GeneratorTestimonial ScriptsAnd Much, Much More!


Funnel Scripts Pros and Cons 


– Funnel Scripts Saves You Time & Money.



 Funnel Scripts has been created by Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards. Both are very successful online marketers and great copywriters. They know the sales process inside out and know what questions need to be asked/answered in order to get a prospect to take action.

The sequence of questions/boxes that need filling in Funnel Scripts are not just random. They have been carefully selected using Russell & Jim’s years of copywriting experience which are being passed down in the Funnel Scripts.


This ultimately saves you a lot of time and will save money as you will not need to spend on copywriting courses. The whole funnel scripts platform is pretty much a done-for-you copywriting service which you can modify and adapt make it perfectly tailored to your product/s by just simply filling in the blanks.


– Anyone Can Use Funnel Scripts

No matter what your product/service is there will be a script in the Funnel Scripts platform that will be suitable for you.


The best thing about it is, no matter what stage you are or how little you know about writing sales copy you can dive right in and have a sales script written in as little as 20mins (this will vary depending on the script you use).


It is not just the sales scripts that anyone can use but one of the other great features such as the ‘Headline Generator,’ and the ‘Profitable Title Scripts.’ These can help you just to get you creative juices flowing and start to brain storm ideas for your product/services.


– You Can Edit & Modify The Scripts in Funnel Scripts

The scripts created in funnel scripts are great but they are also fully editable if you wanted to change anything. You can also save send the script as an e-mail straight from the software. Also when the script is created you can click a button and cycle through different wording options that it creates. This is great to easily see which bit of copy is right for you!

Funnel Scripts Disadvantages

Funnel Scripts produces some brilliant, high converting copy. As the copy is automated the scripts do need proofreading sometimes (which can be done by yourself. No need to hire a proofreader!) and some light editing to make the copy sound perfect. This can sometimes be down to user error such as filling in the boxes wrong. But all in all, I don’t think this is a deal breaker for this amazing copywriting software


Funnel Scripts Pricing


 You can get all of Funnel Scripts features and bonuses for a steal of a price at $797 annually. Imagine that! It will only cost you a little over $40 a month and you get unlimited access to Funnel Scripts wide selection of script writers.Funnel Scripts has recntly changes its pricing structure.

The new price for Funnel Scripts is $797 and that is for unlimited access forever! You also get these exclusive bonuses when you invest in Funnel Scripts:Live Monthly Coaching with Jim Edwards ($6,000 Value)Copywriting Secrets Masterclass ($1,997 Value)Funnel Script Blueprints ($997 Value)Dotcom Secrets & Expert Secrets Scripts ($118,400 Value)


Funnel Scripts is a cloud-based tool. When you invest in Funnel Scripts you will be given a username and password which you will use to log in. You can log in on any computer anywhere in the world and still have the power to write awesome sales copy at your leisure.


It is a very versatile and easy to use to anyone. Even if you are no good at writing sales copy or you haven’t got the time to learn, then Funnel Scripts is definitely worth considering. All of the hard work has been done for you and it literally is just a case of filling in the blanks.Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson have ongoing training, given you the best tips and lessons on how to use the software. Using Funnel Scripts is like killing  2 birds with 1 stone (pardon the pun).


You get to write awesome sales copy but at the same time learn the process and patterns that appear in writing awesome sales copy therefore improving your copywriting skills ten fold!


Funnel Scripts Demo

You can use this link to try out the Funnel Scripts Sales generator.


Well now is time to give the our final verdict on Script Engage vs Funnel Scripts. Both pieces of sotware are great. We do think Funnel Scripts is the better of the 2 as there are more features and it is easy to use. Plus you get monthly coaching from Jim Edwards the legendary Copywriter.

Out of Script Engage vs Funnel Scripts, Funnels Scripts is the more expensive. But of you are on a budget then Script Engage is still a good choice for the money you pay.

Script Engage you can get for $39 per month, Funnel Scripts is a one time payment of $797.

Both pieces of Software are great and would certainly help improve your marketing, sales copy for your sales funnel, products and services.


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